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La Fonderie et Aciérie de Denain

FAD history

it's more than 150 years of history

locomotive crampton

Jean-François CAIL takes over all the shares and the company takes the name of Société JF CAIL & Cie.


The Ch. Derosne Company and Cail build a new plan at Denain. Specialized in the manufacture of steam engines for sugar refineries and locomotives.


Known throughout the world, the Ets Cail also carried out imposing metal constructions, such as for example the iron bridge of mills (1858) or the viaduct of Busseau-d'Ahun (1864).

Usine Cail
Vue du ciel
Usine Cail
Usine Cail
Usine Cail
Usine Cail
Usine Cail
Busseau-dAhun viaduc construit par Cai 1

Roll out in the construction of artillery pieces, in support of the French war effort, then joined forces with Lt-Col RAGON de BANGE to produce the cannon gun for his system.




Change of name to become the Société Française de Constructions Mécaniques (SFCM) after the death of JF CAIL in 71.

1914 to 1918

The factory is taken by the Germans and will be occupied during all the war. The occupant will empty it and destroy all the buildings.


After the 1st World War, production was quickly restored. Denain Unit produced its first locomotives in the 1920s, while helping to rebuild war-ravaged northern France.

the 30s

The company extended its market to steam generators and started a rolling mill. During the 1930s, it produced armor for the army, torpedo tubes, cannon guns (Marine), propeller hubs (Aviation) and armor for tanks and armor plating for the Maginot line.


Fives-Lille absorbs the old Cail establishments to form the Fives-Lille – Cail company


To rise to the forefront of French heavy mechanics, Fives-lille Cail absorbs the boiler maker Babcock-Atlantique. The company is renamed Fives-Cail Babcock (FCB).

the 80s

The 1980s were difficult. With the two oil shocks of 1973 and 1979, the group had financial difficulties. From 7,200 employees in 1975, its workforce dropped to 3,000 in 1985. The unit based at Denain will be sold in 1987



La Fonderie et Aciérie de Denain joins the Compagnie Industrielle et Financière de Bussy. Still known today as the "Groupe CIF".


l'aile EST de la Fonderie et Aciérie de Denain
the 1800s
the 1900s
FAD today


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